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Rider Service

The rider service shall widely be used for running errands, official transfers for work places, small/home businesses, shopping small items and daily groceries for e.g. bread, eggs, drinks, baby products etc (depends on availability in the store user has selected), laundry pick and drop and much more.The rider service gives our users access to a messenger service in real time, you may choose one of three options on this service.Read More

One Way

Send anything, anytime within a city from Point A to Point B, encrypted in a way that the beneficiary of the delivery may only receive the product after he/she is verified via a passcode sent to them.

Two Way

Works exactly like the one way service, the only difference is that the user may request the rider to reciprocate to point A in order to end this service.


User may order anything from a list of shops located on petrol pumps on our panel, the shops are open 24/7 which means the user shall be able to order products round the clock.