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Store Connect

The weekly or monthly grocery shopping expedition is nothing less than a horrifying experience for most (that is, unless you enjoy fighting off hordes, elbowing your way through crowded aisles and waiting in endless lines). Store Connect on Janab brings a wide variety of reputable stores to your door step. Simply order your groceries from the comfort of your home.Read More

Store Connect

We make grocery shopping quick, painless and even fun. Features include 'History' and 'Wish List' options. With 'History', you can easily edit your last order thereby saving time you would otherwise spend looking for and selecting your favored items again. With 'Wish List', you can build a list of things you may want to order in the future. We have created the grocery shopping list interface such that when you are finally ready to order your groceries, you get it all in one simple go. No forgotten items, no drama, no more lines.

In addition to groceries, we've also added a popular, well- established pharmaceutical super store to our list. Now you can order your daily/monthly medication, beauty products, a wide range of health products/supplements and equipment all in one place.

Samsung is also part of our service and will offer a live list of their inventory in your city; this means that when you order a product via our app, you will receive it within 48 hours.